Ross Scott on the GUI

As mentioned before, Ross Scott of Accursed Farms is one of my favorite YouTubers, not because I always agree with his takes (e.g. he buys into the whole climate change thing completely, etc.), but because he comes across as completely sincere and genuine, and because he’s extremely entertaining, at least for someone with my sense of humor. He has this kind of direct, semi-eccentric, deadpan style that hits just the right note for me.

Today, I’d like to point you to his video tackling the problems with the standard personal computer GUI (Graphic User Interface) and how it could be improved. You’ll either find it completely dull or, if you’re like me and have dreams of perfecting your workspace, be utterly fascinated and find yourself dreaming of ways to engineer ways to make the computer experience better.

For instance, one I thing I did after being inspired by this video is I bought a programmable mouse and set up the extra buttons to perform different tasks according to to how I swipe the mouse when I click. So, with one button, if I swipe left or right, I move between browser tabs. Swipe up to open a new tab, down to toggle my bookmarks menu. Honestly, you can’t imagine how much nicer this is than having to individually click on each tab or menu option.

Anyway, perhaps Ross’s example will give you ideas of your own. Enjoy!

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