Saint of the Day: Bl. Peter To Rot

Just learned about this very interesting modern Blessed this week.

Blessed Peter To Rot (pronounced ‘toe-rote’) was a catechist on the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea, the son of the local chief, and a devoted husband and father who worked with the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart to spread the Gospel to his people. When the Japanese took the island, they sent all the missionaries to prison camps and Bl. Peter was left to look after the spiritual welfare of his people and encourage them during the occupation. This he did manfully until he was finally martyred by the Japanese in 1945 (Though the island was partially retaken by the Allies, but the Japanese held part of it, including the capital of Rabaul, near Bl. Peter’s village, until the end of the war).

You can read his inspiring story in detail here.

Bl. Peter To Rot, pray for us.

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